Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Rundown

Easter Rundown.

ok, first, can I just say every time I hear the word "easter", my mind immediately goes to the Nacho Libre quote:
"Didju know that I've had diarrhea since easters?" It gets me. So, on Sunday I wished everyone a "happy easters"

This Easter season was a rollercoaster ride! Who says that? Well that's how it was. Lots of emotions. Lots of fun. Lots of drama.

Okay, we'll start with Friday. Friday was amazing. We went to a worship service with Rita Springer. Can I just say that I love Easter or preferably noted, Passover season? Its like New Years for me, a new beginning. I'm reminded of the beautiful yet horrific sacrifice that Jesus Christ made on the Cross. I'm reminded how this life really isn't about me, but about others, and how truely insignificant I am compared to the glory of God. Yet in my insignificance, Christ found me worthy to die a horrible death, so I don't have to?? Mind blowing. I was reminded of my transformation, and how its a testimony of grace that I am a new creation with eternity embedded in my heart. How the sacrifices of my youth, the painful persecutions, the day to day struggle with faith and sin, and the path I have taken hasn't been an easy one, yet every ouce of pain and self denial has been worth it because Jesus is more than worth it. Friday, I was renewed in such a way that it transcends words or emotions. I can't explain it, but I feel head over heels in love with my Lord once again.

Saturday. We really didn't have an eventful Saturday.

Sunday. Resurrection Day. This was the day filled with fun and drama. First, it was my day to take a pregnancy test. Negative. I have to say I was super bummed, but those disappointments were trumped by distractions of a busy day. We went to church, had an amazing time with the children, who where beyond adorable dressed in their Sunday best. Came home and we had an Easter egg hunt with my sisters and a couple friends. The drama of the day was the fact that my parents decided to fly solo and not participate in our family easter dinner. As their daughter, I was a little hurt by it, but I had a wonderful time with my family and my grandparents.

A little more drama continues when that night, I end up with some weird stomach sickness that quite possibly could've been food poisoning? I dunno, but I was a wreck. I will spare you the gory details, but I will share that not even my husband wanted to come near me in all my icky sickness... and I don't blame him. I didn't want to be near me.

Less drama and more excitement comes when I find out that my Nook has been upgrade to run off apps, and I now have Angry Birds. I'm obsessed.

And more drama unfolds when Monday morning comes and the reality of me not being pregnant this month brings me back to my miscarriage days when I feared that I would never be able to bear children. I was sad, emotional, disappointed, not wanting to go down that road of infertility (I do have PCOS, and mild endometriosis, which messes with ovulation, but I am surprisingly somewhat regular, plus my body is so awesome that I can feel when I ovulate). But I quickly eventually got over it when I see my awesome toddler dancing to the tune of his of his own singing, and realize if we never ever have another child, Ben will totally be enough to make me a happy mommy. And we would adopt, which has been a lifelong dream of mine.

And either way, God is in control, and every child is a blessing that come from him. Maybe he thinks I'm not quite ready? Maybe he's testing me to be patient and trust in Him...in the good and the bad? Maybe its not spiritual at all and we just missed the egg! (note Easter pun)

So that's our Easter rundown!

{I reupholstered my chairs, and I will share in an upcoming post, pics and all! They look AMAZING. I heart the fabric}

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Big 20.

Benjamin, aka Mr. Independent is 20 months. If you caught in one of my last posts, I said I was going to do his 19 month stats, nope, that wasn't a typo, I really thought he was only 19 months.

Benjamin is officially no longer an infant. He truely and deeply fits the mold of a toddler. His vocabulary is exploding, he jumps off of couches and tables, he intentionally dumps out his juicebox all over my bed, he craps his pants and brings me his treasures, he is cunning and crafty as all get out and is earning the delicate art of manipulation, and he is now in 2T clothing.

My *Favorites* about Ben at this age:
  • The word "tackie". Translation = "cracker" (anything that in the English language ends in -er, Ben translates: -ey/ie
  • His love for the outdoors. Ben wants to spend 90% of his day going "bye-bye" and LOVES outside more than a fat kid loves cake.
  • The fact that we have JUST started potty-training.
  • How he thinks everything I do is me trying to play a game with him. EXAMPLES: me- open cabinet. ben- runs and slams cabinet shut. me- "Ben, put that down! Its a no-no" ben- throws said "no-no" at me as he  runs away squealing. me- on the phone with someone. ben- grabs a random object, puts it to his ear, and babbles as loud as he can. me- opens fridge. ben- runs to fridge and starts pulling out food items he wants to eat. (ie cheese, yogurt, blueberries, apples)....get the picture?
  • How the MINUTE Ben's dad gets home, the first thing he does is say "bath" and grabs Evan and leads him to the shower. (its their daily ritual)
  • How everytime a car drives by our house, Ben screams "DADA!!" and runs to the front door. When I break the news that it's not dada, he instead says, "side..bye-bye"
  • How Ben's favorite thing in the entire universe (besides be outside and take baths) is to dance. He loves music, uses anything as a microphone, and sings and dances all the time. It brings my heart great joy to see Ben have such a heart for worship and dance.
Favorite Activites:
  • You love T-Ball. (when its nice out)
  • You love puzzles, especially the ones with animals, and you know what each animal says.
  • You love to color and draw.
  • Playing outside aka THE PARK (I think I explained that one ;)
  • Dancing & singing
  • You love to help me clean and will wash windows and mirrors with me, help me wipe down counters, fake vaccuum with me, etc.
  • You love your new flashcards, and are learning your numbers and colors. You know blue, green, red, and can count to 5!
  • Anything boyish... wrestling, jumping off stuff, yelling really loud, taking punches to the gut, some good ole ruffhousing with daddy that I shouldn't allow but do. ;)
Picture Overload:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weight Loss Lifestyle: Week 1

Okay, so I did good this week....until yesterday.
I really am kicking myself in the head right now because I literally did SO GOOD, but yesterday I went all fat kid on myself and devoured food all.day.long. Not like healthy food, either. Like carbohydrate, cheesy, creamy goodness type of food. Oh and like 5 Lindor Truffles

The exciting part is, I weighed myself and I'm still down 11lbs (1lb up from my lowest)...but the unexciting part is that this morning my stomach was bloated, and I just felt "fat". Grudgy, bloated, constipated, like I gained weight, etc... I felt awful. I've learned my lesson. I'm glad that my body is reacting to the unhealthy junk I've fed it, and I'm even more glad that I'm to the point now where my metabolism won't suffer to bad from it.

Oh well, thats life, right? I now just have get back on my bandwagon and continue to eat healthy and stick to the plan of 6 small meals a day. Lots of fruits n veggies, lean proteins, whole grains.

Another thing:
I added Thermoplus to my regimine. I wanted to kick my fat loss and metabolism into high gear, and ya know what? I LOVE IT. I wasn't sure if I'd notice a difference a lot because I'm consistently taking my Vitamins & Catalyst, but I seriously noticed a difference with it. And I noticed this week my stomach has been flatter than it has been since I had Benjamin. (which by the way he is 19 months today, so I'll do that post later this week)

I'm excited and started doing crunches 2 days ago, and I'm going to start going to work out this week. I'm so excited!!! I lost almost 15lbs & 15 inches on the 24 Day Challenge, and since I'm continuing the eating habits I learned, I can't wait to see how my body will react to some exercise! Haha... should've done it a long time ago, but I just haven't found the time made excuses.

So I'll let you know how week #2 goes!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rainy Day

Okay, sorry about my explosion of posts yesterday, and this one will be way more light-hearted than the last few.

So, yesterday, my precious toddler child woke up from his nap in a horrid mood. HORRID. He was completely dilusional and screaming at the top of his lungs "SIDE, SIDE, SIDE", while hanging from the doorknob to our backyard. I didn't know how to explain it to him in toddler language, but I tried my best to tell him that it was pouring down rain and really cold out. Whatever. He didn't understand or care or both.

So, begrudingly, we put on our shoes and coats, and went outside in the rain.
And we were out there for 40 long, cold minutes. But it was so worth it to see this look on his face:
Soaking Wet

He wanted to know where the rain was coming from


Some ATV riding

Oh, and then? When we went inside, he threw another massive temper tantrum because he couldn't bring 'Puppy' (the stuffed animal) into the bath with him.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deep Breath.

Okay, so I know this is my third post today, but I just had to let you know, that I not-so-calmly called my doctors office and let them know that I've been at home biting my nails and growing grey hairs over the fact that I forgot to mention that my husband and I were trying to conceive.
{did i mention I happened to google 'colonoscopy and pregnant' and the medicines that came up also appeared by words such as "birth defects" "miscarriage" "cleft palatte"??? ..yea...}

Following conversation:

Me: (rapid breathing) Hello?Hithisiskaylapeacockandiwascallingtoletyouknowthat-----

Receptionist: ---slow down, slow down, what's going on??

Me: (continue rapid breathing) Sorry, but I was in earlier and my colonoscopy is Monday and I forgot to mention I may be pregnant.


Receptionist: May???

Me: Ya, I mean hopefully, we are trying to have a baby.

Receptionist: HOLD ON.

Nurse: (in cheery voice) Hello, I hear you have some news!

Me: (nervously) Well I'm not pregnant yet, but maybe, hopefully, I dunno, I've just been going crazy freaking out   wondering if it was safe if I was pregnant?

Nurse: Well congratulations darlin' (huh?) and actually since this is a benign procedure and the medicines that we give you are benzodiazepines and some may even be teratogenic and don't quote me on this, but quite possibly carcinogenic, then it would probably not be worth to endanger your fetus.

Me: blank stare... huh?

Nurse: Well lets just cancel the procedure for now and if your situation doesn't work out, call us and we'll reschedule.

*Does a happy dance*

No colonoscopy for me!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello Advocare, Hello (possible) safely protected fetus!!!!

::sidenote:: for all you controversial folks, regarding the usage of the word fetus: I am not implying that it is not a baby, or not a person or doesn't have life or a soul. I think a baby is a baby from the moment of conception.

Brainpower Overload, Colonoscopy, Spilling the Beans

Okay, you know in those past posts where I've totally just let my thoughts stream through my fingers and onto virtual paper, and after you get done reading, you're like: blink.blink.. holy cow, Kayla, I didn't need to know that.

Yea... this is one of those posts.

#1) I have to have a colonoscopy on Monday. I DO NOT WANT A COLONOSCOPY. But since like 4 grandparents have had colon cancer, 1 of them is without a colon currently and and a couple other random family members have colitis--well, it was a no-brainer for my Doc. Better get checked. Plus I've had this horrendous pain in my side since August.

What that leads me to is that I have to stop taking my ADVOCARE VITAMINS! This irrrrks me, because just the other day I was going to "step it up" And I bought tons of healthy food, and blah blah blah. Well I can't have any vitamins, fish oil, or blah blah blah until after Monday. I'm NOT happy with this AT ALL. I got my order in the mail yesterday, am was totally stoked about starting this, then BAM, I now have a colonoscopy.

Which leads me to spilling the beanssssssssssssss.....................

Some people know, some people dont but:

We are trying to have a baby.

Yep, we are currently trying to conceive baybeh #2. Call us crazy, call us mad, but whatever. I want a baby. Hubs wants a baby. I could list a million pros and cons and my whole thought process on why we decided but that is not for this post.

What is for this post, however is the fact that I am having a colonoscopy on monday and I could potentially be pregnant on that day. It would be WAY to early to tell, but I'm kind of freaking out because I will be put on some heavy medications and if I am pregnant, I don't want my baby to be harmed by them. And, I don't know why, it wasn't intentional, but I forgot to bring this up to my doctor.

I think I am going to call them.

AHH. I should've done this dumb colonoscopy last month instead of putting it off.

/end of rant

Okay. Now I at least feel a little better about getting that off my chest. I'm done complaining, really. I'm just going to eat healthy (even though I'm not on vitamins), call my dr and let him know my situation, and hopefully they won't use any harmful medication. ?

On a lighter note, I get to take a pregnancy test on Easter!!! Can't wait. :)

My Birthday :)

Well last week was my 23rd Birthday! I was absolutely the most blessed person in the universe that day. I really have the best family and friends. This may does sound totally lame, but I got about 150 Facebook "happy birthdays!", even from some people I don't know, but it made me feel really good! Haha, anyways.... I really didn't have any plans on my actual birthday, because hubs was taking me and my family bowling on Saturday, but *on* my actual birthday, Evan brought me lunch from my favorite little cafe, along with a boquet of flowers (awww) and then my parents wanted to take us to dinner, so we went to an awesome Mexican restaraunt, where we had cake, and I got many gifts, including a size 4 pair of jeans that fit wonderfully :)

Thennnn... on Saturday, Evan, my parents, sisters, and grandparents all went bowling and ate pizza afterwards!

Needless to say I was blessed beyond measure! Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.

Friday, April 8, 2011

From FAT to FIT

I've finally made a 'temporary' Before & After pic!! I say temporary because I still have some weight/inches yet to lose, but this is how far I've come so far!

       If you're ready to begin you're journey, I'm ready to help you. The 24 Day Challenge is a GREAT place to start!

The most important thing to remember, is this is *not* a diet, and most importantly it is SAFE! It is a health program to get you healthy and fit!! I'm so thankful because I feel AMAZING! I have more energy as a mom of a toddler than I did as a teenager!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stepping it UP.

Okay, guys. I'm getting serious! About my weight loss goals that is. My "goal" is to completely get rid of my love handles and stomach tire, and thin out in my thighs. I did the 24 Day Challenge with Advocare, and I'm still on their products because I feel AMAZING on them (and I lost 11lbs!!), however, I'm taking my diet and exercise to a whole.new.level. I've kind of been on and off the bandwagon with my diet. I've not been eating the greatest, although I've done really well. Advocare's vitamins have totally helped me with my portions and cravings, but I still kinda eat bad things in moderation (cheese, breads, dessert, ice cream, etc..)

So~ For 30 days, I'm going to be completely strict with my diet and exercise. I'm going to be an A+ student at eating right, and following the diet I followed on the 24 day challenge.

For the next 30 days (at least) I am going to be:
-eating 6 small meals a day
-no dairy, fatty meats, or white breads/starches
-Drink LOTS of water
-eat a ton of fruits and veggies
-eat enough protein (gotta feed that lean muscle tissue)
-commit to working out 5 days a week (even if its just 30 mins)

Its pretty much a "24 day challenge" again, but I refuse to call it that because I'm not trying to "challenge myself" for a specific amount of time. I'm trying to retrain my thoughts about food, my eating habits, and my body/metabolism so I can continue to make healthy choices and follow good habits and a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life. I'm being more strict now only because I want to acheive a specific weight loss goal, but once I hit that, I want to continue to be healthy.

SO. I'm putting in my Advocare order today.
2 Boxes MNS3 Vitamins
1 Canister Spark
1 Bottle LeptiLean
2 Bottles Catalyst
1 Box Meal Replacement Bars (can't do the shakes)

And I will be blogging weekly (instead of daily) about how my week went, how I feel, etc... I love feeling amazing, now it's time to look amazing :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

March Favorites

I'm going to do a monthly "favorites" from now on, thanks to a favorite blogger, Katie @ Cleared for Takeoff. I absolutely love doing reviews, so this is right up my ally.

K. Here are my favorite things for this month:

#1. Daffodils

Hubs brought me some fresh ones this month, and I loved how they brightened our kitchen!
#2 Catalyst

This stuff is amazing. I totally see why it's dubbed "liposuction in a bottle"
 #3 This Fabric
I'm reupholstering my kitchen chairs (myself!!) this month, and this is the fabulous fabric I have picked out. Stay tuned for a post about it. This is my first upholstering job ever.
#4 OPI in Festive Fushia
I absolutely adore fushia (hence my font color for this blog). And THIS is the perfect fushia color. I looooove it.
#5 Eat Right 100 Calorie Apricot Bars with Yogurt Coating.
These are uh-ma-zinggggggggggg. Perfect for a morning or afternoon snack. Delish & low cal? Perfection.
#6. Lysol to Go
I love this stuff. It's perfect for public places (like icky public bathrooms), schools, grocery store, etc. Right now there is pneumonia, RSV and the flu going around, and I don't want to get it!
That's all for this month!
Stay tuned for some other fun posts coming up.... I think somebodys 23rd birthday is thursday... hmm...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fabulous Family Fun

This weekend, I had the privilege of celebrating my grandmas 70th birthday.

My auntie came into town from California and I got to spend some time with her. Okay, can I just say that Montana weather is BIPOLAR?I am so frustrated with Mother Nature right now. The other day, Ben & I spent 5 hours outside. It was beautiful. Sun was out, 60 degrees, I was sitting in my lawn chair reading a book while the sun hit my face and Ben ran around without a coat and played with his outside toys.

And today?

Snowy Yard. BLAH!

THIS is what I want:

Montana is frustrating. Especially this time of year. One day its beauuuuuuuutiful, the next it's a snowy yuckiness. But if you're Ben, anyday outside is a great day. He wakes up at 6 am saying "side, side, side, side" (Think "mine, mine, mine" from Finding Nemo) and sits by the front door. That boy would live outside if I let him.

My grandparents have temporarily adopted my cat, and everytime I go out I need to spend some quality time with her. Well, my cat HATES people. If there are a lot of people, she constantly grows and hisses and bites. She even is mean to me when a lot of people are around, despite the fact that when its just me and her she adores me and follows me everywhere. So anyways we were getting some Kayla/Jasmine time in and Ben hops in the chair with us.
She was NOT happy. She didn't growl or bite, but she was very unhappy.

We didn't get the best pic, but here's an idea:

I'm going to be doing some fun posts in the future, so stay tuned! I have some DIY projects I'm working on, and other "stuff" going on as well :) I may just have to share!